Meet The Team

                                         Hello Friends! I am the other half of Sacred Maple Photography. I am excited to be on this adventure with my Wife and cant wait to see what kind of exciting projects the future brings.
I have traveled all over the United States - from standing under massive sequoia trees in Northern California, to the busy streets of Chicago and have always used photographs as a way of documenting my adventures. I bought my first drone last year for a trip up the Maine coastline, and I haven't been able to put it down since. I love the opportunity it gives me to capture moments from perspectives not often seen. 
 I also enjoy all types of editing and the challenges it brings. Whether it be photography or cinematography, I love working to convey moods and feelings through our captures. 


   Welcome! I am a proud mother to three adventurous & wild children. My husband is my best friend & biggest hype man. I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, OH with several art degrees. After that I taught for many years in an elementary setting and loved it, but sometimes life has other plans. In 2018, we moved from Ohio to Vermont, and have fallen in love with the region.
Photography has been a passion and love of mine since I was young. I feel that photographs are a way of telling your story - a visual autobiography. It is my goal to help you tell those stories through my work. I love capturing the moments that you never want to forget.
When not taking photos, you can find me creating in other mediums, skiing with my family, and taking in all the sights that New England has to offer! 


credit: ShakiraRochellePhotography

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